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Let us start with some notes on our own behalf. We are in our 14th year of activity with our web portal as info point in the internet. Few days ago we could welcome our 8 millionth visitor. We are really glad about our continuously growing user community that has reached 1.35 Mio visits last year (see the news below).

We are trying to inform you about all aspects related to speciation analysis such as new research results, methods and technology used as well as legislative aspects. Our news section is a list of hot topics in speciation analysis for the last 14 years. Gadolinium contrast agents, used to enhance the quality of medical magnetic resonance images (MRI), have made it into the headlines.  Being applied more than 10 million times a year, new studies now question  the safety of some of the contrast agents (see the news below).

The safety of chemicals is not only related to composition but also to particle size if we discuss nanomaterials. This is another complication for risk assessment for such materials.  The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recently published a guide that illustrates how to use data for different nanoforms within the same substance registration (see the news below). 

The conference season is in full swing with dozens of conferences of interest for those interested in the different aspects of speciation analysis. Please consult our agenda of events for details.


EVISA is keeping you updated  with what is going on in speciation analysis. In this section you will find news about the most current research results, about trends, legal issues and informations from manufacturers in the field of speciation analysis.

With all the links to further information and publications the News archive is a valuable collection of "hot topics" in speciation analysis. We continuously update even former news with new links and information so that all news are actual all the time.

EVISA welcomed its 8 Millionth User
More than 1.35 Million users visited the EVISA web portal during the year 2015 and downloaded more than 8.8 Million pages full of information. This month EVISA welcomed its 8 Millionth user.

New Studies Question Safety of MRI Contrast Agents
An article published April 6 in the Springer journal BioMetals raises serious questions about the safety of the gadolinium-based contrast agents that are used in about one third of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

ECHA: New Approach on Hazard Assessment for Nanoforms
The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) announced on March 23, 2016, a new publication co-authored with the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and Joint Research Center (JRC) that illustrates how to use data for different nanoforms within the same substance registration.

With a list of about 50 current entries EVISA is informing you about interesting events and keeps you updated with their deadlines. By consulting our list of deadlines you won't miss the opportunity for early registration at reduced fee or the chance to submit your contribution in time.
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64th Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

Date:     June 5,2016 - June 9,2016
Location:     San Antonio, TX
April 30,2016    Early registration at reduced fee

Kolloquium LC-MS in der Umweltanalytik 2016

Date:     June 6,2016 - June 8,2016
Location:     Leipzig
April 30,2016    Submision of abstracts for poster presentations
May 6,2016    Early registration at reduced fee

DUST 2016: 2nd International Conference on Atmospheric Dust

Date:     June 12,2016 - June 17,2016
Location:     Castellaneta Marina - Taranto, Italy
May 1,2016    Registration of poster presenters

Goldschmidt Conference, session 15c : Microbiological and Geochemical Controls on Trace Metal Speciation, Transformation, and Transport

Date:     June 26,2016 - July 1,2016
Location:     Yokohama, Japan
April 26,2016    Early registration at reduced fee

BNASS 2016: 18th Biennial National Atomic Spectroscopy Symposium

Date:     July 4,2016 - July 6,2016
Location:     Liverpool, John Moores University
May 6,2016    Early registration at reduced fee
June 30,2016    Registration

32nd International Conference on Environmental Geochemistry and Health

Date:     July 4,2016 - July 8,2016
March 2,2016    Submission of abstracts
May 1,2016    Early registration at reduced fee

Biometals 2016: 10th International Biometals Symposium

Date:     July 10,2016 - July 15,2016
Location:     Dresden (Germany)
February 27,2016    Submission of abstracts
April 22,2016    Early registration at reduced fee
June 10,2016    Registration

EWLA2016: 13th European Workshop on Laser Ablation

Date:     July 12,2016 - July 15,2016
Location:     Ljubljana, Slovenia
May 1,2016    Notification of acceptance
May 20,2016    Early Registration at reduced fee
September 30,2016    Full paper submission (JAAS themed issue)

ISEAC 39: 39th International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry (“Environmental and food monitoring”)

Date:     July 19,2016 - July 21,2016
Location:     Hamburg, Germany
April 30,2016    Early registration at reduced fee

ISSP17: 17 International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena and Related Equilibrium Processes

Date:     July 24,2016 - July 29,2016
Location:     Geneva, Switzerland
May 15,2016    Notification of acceptance
June 1,2016    Early registration at reduced fee

IAP2016: 9th International Conference 'INTERFACES AGAINST POLLUTION'

Date:     September 4,2016 - September 7,2016
Location:     "Centre Transfronterer", in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain
March 31,2016    Submission of abstracts
April 30,2016    Notification of acceptance
May 31,2016    Early registration at reduced fee
January 5,2017    Submission of manuscripts for the special issue in Environmental Chemistry

TraceSpec 2016: 15th Workshop on Progress in Trace Metal Speciation for Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Date:     September 4,2016 - September 7,2016
Location:     Gdansk, Poland
June 30,2016    Submission of abstracts

SciX 2016: The 43rd Annual North American Meeting of the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS)

Date:     September 18,2016 - September 23,2016
Location:     Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
April 30,2016    Submission of abstracts for oral presentations
July 31,2016    Submission of abstracts for poster presentations
September 1,2016    Early registration at reduced fee

XXIth Slovak - Czech Spectroscopic Conference

Date:     October 16,2016 - October 20,2016
Location:     The Low Tatras - Liptovský Ján, Slovakia
May 15,2016    Registration
June 15,2016    payment of registration fee
June 15,2016    Submission of abstracts
June 15,2016    Registration of accomodation

Please do not hesitate to inform us in case that your conference related to speciation
analysis is missing in our Agenda.

analytica 2016
Location: Munich, Germany
Date: 10.05.2016 - 13.05.2016

SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting
Location: Nantes, France,
Date: 22.05.2016 - 26.05.2016

Spectr'Atom 2016
Location: Pau, France
Date: 24.05.2016 - 27.05.2016

64th Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics
Location: San Antonio, TX
Date: 05.06.2016 - 09.06.2016

8th Nordic Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry
Location: Loen, Norway
Date: 05.06.2016 - 08.06.2016

Kolloquium LC-MS in der Umweltanalytik 2016
Location: Leipzig
Date: 06.06.2016 - 08.06.2016


EVISA provides information about open positions for Ph.D. students, PostDocs and permanent staff in the field of speciation. Looking to fill a vacancy or needing a new career challenge? Either way this service is FREE. Many laboratories and research facilities (from Greenland to Crete) have already found their highly educated stuff through this service by EVISA. If you would like to post an open position here, please contact us at info@speciation.net !


University of Pau: Selenium biogeochemistry in aquatic systems: molecular and isotopic approaches
The proposed thesis aims to combine speciation and isotopic analyses in the study of Se biogeochemical cycle in aquatic environments to better understand its transport and accumulation in the food chain and its negative or positive ecotoxicological effects. In order to be able to characterize the molecular forms of Se and their isotopic composition in aquatic environments at trace concentration level, pre-concentration methods for the different compounds of Se will have to be optimized.

University of Pau (France): Isotope Dilution Metallometabolomics in a Single Drop
The development of new qualitative and quantitative metal speciation approaches based on microfluidics and microchip-based electrospray high resolution FT MSn.

BFG: Diplom/Master-Arbeit: Modellierung der Belastungssituation durch Antifouling-Wirkstoffe (Sportbootbereich) in deutschen Binnengewässern
Im Referat G1 „Grundsatzfragen der qualitativen Gewässerkunde“ wird im Rahmen des Forschungsprojektes „Minimierung von Umweltrisiken der Antifouling-Schiffsanstriche in Deutschland: Entwicklung von Handlungsoptionen im Rahmen der Produktzulassung“ eine Diplom-/Masterarbeit vergeben.

University of Aberdeen: Quantitative determination of phosphoproteins and phosphopeptides in tissue samples by HPLC-ICP-MS / ES-MS – method development and application to isoforms of τ-protein
We are looking for a PhD-student, who is interested in method development for the quantification of phosphoproteins and phosphopeptides using HPLC, ICP-MS and ES-MS and quantification of metals in biological samples using stable isotope dilution methodology. Fully developed methods will be applied to samples of mouse and human origin and the results will be compared to results using "standard" clinical methods.

SCK-CEN Belgium: Development and validation of HPLC-SF-ICP-MS methodologies for characterization of spent nuclear fuel
The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) recently opened its call for PhD and post-doc positions (2016 campaign). Two challenging research topics on SF-ICP-MS method development are offered for this purpose by the Radiochemistry expert group.

Umeå University: Mercury Biogeochemistry
Umea University, Department of Chemistry has an open position for a PhD student in the field of mercury biogeochemistry.



Trent University: Environmental Geoscience – Tier II Canada Research Chair
Trent University invites applications from scholars with a strong research profile for a Tier II Canada Research Chair (CRC) in the field of environmental geoscience.

National Research Council Canada: Research Associate, Analytical Chemistry
We are looking to fill one or more Research Associate (RA) positions to support our Measurement Science and Standards Portfolio. The RA would be someone who shares our core values of impact, accountability, leadership, integrity and collaboration.


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More than 280 active scientists in the field of speciation analysis already joined the directory. Join this great directory that is extensively linked to all type of other information on this site, such as homepages, conferences and literature.

If your entry is still missing in this directory, please contact us at info@speciation.net.



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