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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

Materials produced by the company:
ISC Science

The EVISA database on materials contains information about Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), standard materials (for identification of compounds or calibration), sorbents and reagents used within the framework of trace element and speciation analysis. The following list for the cited company are the products related to these topics. For a complete list of products for this company please visit the company web site.

111Cd Spike Solution
119Sn-enriched butyltin mix
123Sb Spike Solution
207Pb Spike Solution
53Cr Spike Solution
65Cu Spike Solution
IES-Ag109 109Ag-enriched standard solution
IES-B10 B10-enriched Standard Solution
IES-Ba137 137Ba-enriched standard solution
IES-Cd111 111Cd-enriched standard solution
IES-Cr53 53Cr-enriched standard solution
IES-Cu65 65Cu-enriched standard solution
IES-Fe57 57Fe-enriched standard solution
IES-Hg199 199Hg-enriched standard solution
IES-Mo95 95Mo-enriched standard solution
IES-Ni61 61Ni-enriched standard solution
IES-Pb207 207Pb-enriched standard solution
IES-Rb87 87Rb-enriched standard solution
IES-Sb123 123Sb-enriched standard solution
IES-Se77 77Se-enriched standard solution
IES-Sn119 119Sn-enriched standard solution
IES-Tl203 203Tl-enriched standard solution
IES-Zn67 67Zn-enriched standard solution


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