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Speciation News

Chlorine speciation analysis in complex hydrocarbons using GC-ICP-MS/MS
( 12.09.2023 )
Researchers from the French Institute IFPEN have developed a method based on the hyphenated technique GC-ICP-MS/MS for the determination of volatile organochlorides in complex hydrocarbon samples. ...

Optimization of speciation analysis of iodine in seaweed
( 27.07.2023 )
Researchers from the National Food Institute in Denmark have optimized the extraction procedure and chromatographic separation of iodine species found in seaweed. Using the optimized method, they stud...

Open Access to the JESS Chemical Reaction Database
( 21.07.2023 )
The Joint Expert Speciation System (JESS) Thermodynamic Database is now available as a set of freely downloadable PDF files....

Germanium speciation analysis of soil polluted by an electronic waste processing plant
( 14.07.2023 )
Researchers from Poland developed an analytical method for germanium speciation in soil polluted by an electronic waste processing plant. ...

Iron Species Determination based on HPLC with a Short Column and Detection by ICP-OES
( 10.07.2023 )
Polish researchers have optimized and applied a hyphenated technique for iron speciation based on high performance liquid chromatography using a short cation-exchange column coupled with inductively c...

FDA sets 10 ppb limit for inorganic arsenic in apple juice
( 14.06.2023 )
10 years after FDA issued its draft guidance on arsenic in apple juice, the agency has announced the same level as final guidance. ...

Determination of chromium species in tanned leather samples
( 13.06.2023 )
A group of scientists from France have compared, optimized and validated methods for the determination of chromium (III) and chromium (VI) species in tanned leather samples. The final method was appli...

Determination of Unknown Organic-Metal Complexes in the Environment by Liquid Chromatography–Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
( 14.05.2023 )
A group of U.S. scientists have developed a quantitative method for the determination of metal complexes with dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the environment. The method is using an LC-ICP-MS appro...

Chemical vapor generation as a sample introduction technique for speciation analysis
( 12.05.2023 )
There are several techniques for speciation analysis that rely on elemental detection using atomic spectrometry, along with a separation technique to differentiate between different species. For liqui...

Identification of Monomethylmonothioarsonic Acid as the Major Thioarsenical Generated During Extraction of Arsenic Species from Rice
( 12.04.2023 )
Japanese researchers studied the arsenic species transformation during acid extraction of rice. They identified monomethylmono-thioarsonic acid as the major product generated from monomethyl-arsoni...

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