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an international journal in agriculture & environment / Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, INRA


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Agronomie is an international journal for scientific research on the interactions between cropping systems and other activities in the context of sustainable development. The Editors welcome monodisciplinary contributions in agronomy that will constitute the grounds of sustainability from environmental, economical or social viewpoints. The Editors also welcome multidisciplinary articles that bridge agronomy with ecology, environmental and social sciences. Manuscripts should focus on novel findings underlining those relationships.

The journal publishes original research articles that demonstrate a clear scientific breakthrough versus current knowledge. The material should not have been previously published elsewhere. Review articles on a particularly hot subject may be suggested to the Editor-in-Chief. Contributions may be on either methodological approaches, or approaches addressing major issues in the scope of the journal. Selected examples of topics covered by the journal are given below.

  • Sustainable agriculture, ecological production
  • Innovation in farming systems
  • Agriculture and preservation of natural resources
  • Sustainable land use
  • Agriculture and global changes
  • Agroclimatology and modelling
  • Biogeochemistry of agrosystems
  • Pollutants in agrosystems
  • Ecological pest control and biopesticides
  • Ecological, economical and social impacts of genetic engineering applications
  • Environmental impact on soil, water, air and biodiversity
  • Risk assessment for food, ecotoxicology
  • Food quality, food safety, supply chain management, and geographical indication
  • Environmental management in agriculture
  • Decision support systems and companion modelling
  • Organic farming
  • Ecological cropping and farming systems
  • Agricultural production of renewable energies
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in cropping systems
  • Social and economical issues of agricultural changes

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