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Australian Journal of Agricultural Research


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Australian Journal of Agricultural Research is an international scientific journal publishing significant outcomes of research into product quality and sustainability of crop and pasture systems. The journal´s primary focus is broad-scale cereals, grain legumes, oil seeds, tree crops, and pastures. Papers are encouraged that advance understanding in plant-based agricultural systems through the use of well-defined and original aims, innovative and rigorous experimental design, and strong interpretation. The journal embraces experimental approaches from molecular to whole systems level.

The target readership of Australian Journal of Agricultural Research is agricultural scientists and plant biologists, industry, administrators, policy-makers, and others with an interest in the challenges and opportunities facing agricultural production. To facilitate accessibility and clarity, papers should address a hypothesis, and the Abstract should define the novel outcomes.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Grain/seed quality and nutritional value
  • Plant improvement using innovative genetics, breeding methods, or analyses
  • Understanding genotype x environment interactions
  • Plant-soil interactions
  • Water relations
  • Cropping options and systems to improve productivity
  • Pasture production and management
  • Integrated land and water resources management in agricultural systems

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