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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

British Dental Journal

British Dental Association



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The role of the BDJ is to inform its readers of ideas, opinions, developments and key issues in dentistry - clinical, practical and scientific - stimulating interest, debate and discussion amongst dentists of all disciplines. All papers published in the BDJ are subject to rigorous peer review.

All dentists, dental undergraduates, members of the dental team, hospital, community, academic and general practitioners

The BDJ has been designed to help readers find the relevant information fast and easily. Each journal is divided into sections so you can find what you want.

  • Opinion section: leaders, letters and articles expressing the views and opinions of people that are open to debate and discussion. This section will keep you aware of what people are thinking in dentistry today, and introduce differing views for debate.

  • News: here you will be able to read general news about the dental industry and update yourself on the latest research and diary events.

  • Practice section: articles, reports and papers on the latest developments and information relevant for those in dental practice. This section contains our clinical guide series, how-to-do-it papers, dental business articles and interviews, case reports and general articles about clinical matters, politics and trends.

  • Research section: scientific peer-reviewed papers with a focus on clinical research to enable researchers and scientists to communicate their findings to the rest of the community.

  • Summaries: this section acts as a bridge between the practice and research sections, providing a summary of the research papers in this issue. Besides the abstract and 'in brief' box this page includes a comment on each paper by a specialist in the field, emphasising the relevance of the paper. This section ensures that the information from the research is easily available to both practitioners and researchers. This section also includes a selection of abstracts from dental journals.

  • Education section: any type of paper, article or report that is relevant to the vital subject of dental education, whether it is undergraduate, postgraduate, specialist or lifelong learning

  • Trade News: the latest news of new products

  • Plus: This section caries a selection of other articles such as reviews of relevant books and CD Roms, obituaries, parliamentary updates and the entertaining View From The Chair.

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