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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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Cancer Detection and Prevention



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Cancer Detection and Prevention (CDP) is a primary, peer-refereed journal devoted to cancer prevention by predictive and preventive oncology. It is uniquely focused on advances in genetics, molecular medicine and biotechnologies that have an impact on clinical oncology modalities.

Predictive oncology encompasses primary cancer prevention by assessment and control of the basic mechanisms that may lead to the development of neoplastic diseases. Predictive oncology incorporates identification of cancer susceptibility, prognostic evaluation of malignant tumor transformation and progression, lifestyle modification and control of genotoxic exposures. Preventive oncology for secondary prevention focuses on routine clinical and laboratory procedures for early detection and treatment of cancer, patient management and education, management of curable lesions, education and lifestyle modification.

The scope of this bimonthly journal embraces predictive and preventive oncology for primary and secondary prevention of cancer.

CDP communicates timely data, important observations, innovative approaches and interdisciplinary perspectives of immediate interest to oncology investigators and practitioners in the following areas:

  • human cancer risks and reduction
  • familial predisposition, age, lifestyle, and health behavior modification
  • neoplastic relevance of molecular biology, viral, hormonal, and nutritional influences
  • immunocompromised patients
  • intermediate biologic markers of neoplastic development
  • differential diagnosis and prognosis of precursors and overt cancer
  • gene regulation of tumor development
  • strategies for detection and management of patients with occult neoplasms
  • dietary guidelines
  • smoking cessation strategies

Articles also may be confined to single disciplines in studies of molecular epidemiology, control of cell kinetics, molecular basis of drug resistance, immune deficiency and cancer, environmental carcinogens, detection systems including cost benefits, health behavior, and education.

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