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European Physical Journal D

originates from the merging of Il Nuovo Cimento, J. Phys. I, J. Phys. II and Zeits. Phys. D


Bibliography and Index of Geology, CSA Engineered Materials Abstracts, BioEngineering Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts, Chemical Industry Notes, Chemical Titles, Chemistry Citation Index, Current Contents, Current Mathematical Publications, INIS , Atomindex (Online edition), INSPEC, Index to Scientific Reviews, Mass Spectrometry Bulletin, MathSciNet, Personal Alert, Science Citation Index

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Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
A merger of Il Nuovo Cimento D, Journal de Physique and Zeitschrift für Physik D
and a continuation of Anales de Física and Portugaliae Physica.

Rapid Notes

Atomic Physics

  • Atomic Structures and Properties
  • QED, Relativistic and Many-Body Calculations
  • Atoms in External Fields
  • Exotic Atoms
  • Low and Highly Charged Ions
  • Metrology and Fundamental Constants
  • Experimental Tests of Fundamental Symmetries

Molecular Physics and Chemical Physics

  • Molecular Structure and Properties
  • Molecular Optical Spectroscopy
  • NMR, EPR Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Synchrotron and X-Rays Studies of Molecular Structure
  • Molecules in External Fields
  • Decay Processes
  • Biological Molecules

Atomic and Molecular Collisions

  • Collisions of Atoms, Ions and Molecules
  • Molecular Interaction and Reactivity
  • Cold Molecules
  • Electron/Positron Scattering with Atoms and Molecules
  • Collision processes involving bio-macromolecules
  • Dynamics of macromolecules
  • Bio-molecular Mechanics

Clusters and Nanostructures

  • Structure and Properties of Clusters
  • Reactivity of Clusters
  • Clusters and Nanostructures on Surfaces
  • Fullerenes and Carbon Clusters
  • Helium Droplets

Plasma Physics

  • Basic Plasma Phenomena
  • Waves, Instabilities and Nonlinear Plasma Dynamics
  • Magnetic and Inertial Plasma Confinement
  • Plasma Applications: Surface Fabrication and Treatment, Biological, Environmental, Aerospace and Emerging Applications
  • Plasma Diagnostics

Laser Cooling and Quantum Gas

  • Atom and Ion Traps
  • Atom and Molecule Optics
  • Bose-Einstein Condensation
  • Fermi Gas
  • Quantum Fluids

Nonlinear Dynamics

  • Theory and Models - Dynamical Instabilities
  • Classical and Quantum Chaos in Atoms, Molecules and Optics
  • Pattern Formation and Competition

Optical Physics

  • Lasers - Quantum Electronics
  • Nonlinear Optical Phenomena
  • Wave Propagation - Solitons

Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
(direct link to QICS codes)

  • Nonclassical Field States
  • Quantum Entanglement
  • Quantum Communication and Information Processing
  • Quantum States Engineering and Reconstruction
  • Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics

Ultraintense and Ultrashort Laser Fields

  • Attosecond Pulses
  • Multiphoton Ionisation
  • Harmonics and X-Ray Generation
  • Femtochemistry
  • Plasma and Clusters in Ultraintense Laser Fields
  • Particules Acceleration

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