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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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Radioactivity in the Environment

a companion series to the Journal of environmental radioactivity



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This new book series on environmental radioactivity addresses, at academic research level, the key aspects of this socially important and complex interdisciplinary subject. Presented objectively and with the ultimate authority gained from the many contributions by the world's leading experts, the negative and positive consequences of having a radioactive world around us will be documented and given perspective. In a world in which nuclear science is not only less popular than in the past but also less extensively taught in universities and colleges, this book series will hopefully fill a significant educational gap.At its core the series will consist of books on each of the big basic subjects including radioactivity in the terrestrial, marine and atmospheric environments; transfers of radioactivity through ecosystems; predictive modelling of radioactivity transport and distributions; isotopes as tracers; speciation and microbiological mediation of radionuclides; health effects of environmental radioactivity to both humans and biota and public perceptions and understanding of radioactivity in the environment.In addition to the above purpose-written core books there will be a sub-series of selected books based on research conferences on specialised subjects. These volumes will contain only peer-reviewed, revised and improved contributions, and provide an opportunity to collect together the best cutting-edge researchers on "hot topics".In this comprehensive series the reader will find detailed and authoritative scientific answers to the commonly asked and key questions about radioactivity in the environment.

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