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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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Soil Science Society of America Journal



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Madison, WI, USA

The Soil Science Society of America Journal (SSSA Journal), published bimonthly, is the official publication of the Soil Science Society of America. The editorial board consists of an editor-in-chief, technical editors, associate editors (including at least one representative for each division of SSSA), a managing editor, the executive vice president, and the vice president - management and operations.

The SSSA Journal publishes papers on original research, reviews of research, and comments and letters to the editor. Papers of appropriate subject matter usually less than two printed pages may be submitted as notes. Invitational papers may be published in the journal if accepted by the editorial board.

Contributions to the SSSA Journal should be submitted in quadruplicate to the editor, whose name and address are given in the masthead of each issue. For further details, see SSSA Publication Policy and the Suggestions for Contributors that are published in the January-February issue of each volume. The editor notifies the corresponding author of receipt of the manuscript and assigns it a registration number that must be used in all correspondence regarding the manuscript. The editor assigns each manuscript to the technical editor supervising the division in which the paper will be reviewed. The technical editor will assign the manuscript to an associate editor according to field of specialization. Associate editors have the authority to approve manuscripts for publication. Manuscripts judged unsuitable for publication are referred back to the technical editor who makes the final decision to release these manuscripts. Authors of such manuscripts should contact the editor-in-chief if they wish to appeal the decision.

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