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Directory of scientists

Kazuo T. Suzuki
Department of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University, Chuo, Chiba 260-8675, JAPAN

died  July 15, 2008
Kazuo T. Suzuki
Kazuo T. Suzuki, Professor Emeritus in the Department of  Toxicology and Environmental Health of the Graduate School  of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Chiba University, Japan, and an  internationally recognized authority on metal toxicology, died  unexpectedly on July 15, 2008. Kazuo Suzuki was born on  February 14, 1943, in Osaka. He obtained a B.Sc. Degree from  the University of Tokyo and his first Ph.D. degree (Pharmaceutical  Sciences) from this institution in 1971. After two  postdoctoral years at SRI International in California, he joined  the National Institute of Environmental Sciences in Tsukuba,  Japan. While there, he obtained a second Ph.D. degree (Medical  Sciences) from the University of Tokyo in 1981 and a third  from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Sciences) in 1986. He  was appointed Professor at Chiba University in 1992 where he  trained 16 Ph.D. students. He attained emeritus status in March  2008. Over the course of his career, he published more than  300 original papers and 50 review articles and authored or  coauthored more than 40 books or book chapters. He was a  member of the Society of Toxicology (United States), the  Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, the Japanese Biochemical  Society, the Japan Society for Biomedical Research on Trace  Elements, the Japanese Society of Toxicological Sciences, and  the Japanese Society for Hygiene. He served on the editorial  boards for seven peer-reviewed journals. He was repeatedly  honored by his colleagues for his achievements. He received  the Young Scientist Award of the Pharmaceutical Society of  Japan (1982), the Mochida Foundation Academic Award (1991),  the Senji Miyata Foundation Research Award (1995), the Klaus  Schwarz Commemorative Medal of the International Association  of Bioinorganic Scientists (2007), and the Award of Japanese  Society of Biological Research on Trace Elements (2007). He  was elected an honorary foreign member of the Bulgarian  Academy of Medicine in 1998. 

Source: In Memoriam K.T. Suzuki, Chem. Res. Toxicol.
HPLC-ICP MS with use of enriched stable isotopes in the metabolic study on metalloid and metals.

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