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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

The International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology is one of the worldwide leading environmental conferences. This biennial conference brings together engineers, scientists, researchers, students, managers and other professionals in order to address and discuss emerging environmental issues. The conference is supported by the multi-disciplinary Global NEST (Network of Environmental Science and Technology); an international scientific movement that has been successfully developing for the last 24 years with members from more than 60 countries. Global NEST is an international scientific movement focusing on innovative environmental issues

Date: 03.09.2015 - 05.09.2015
National/International: International
Language: English
Type: Conference
Location: Rhodes, Greece
Contact: 14th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST2015)
Voulgaroktonou Str. 30, GR 11472, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: + 30 210- 6492451 -2
Fax: + 30 210- 6492499
E-mail: cest@gnest.org
Conference web site at:   http:⁄⁄cest.gnest.org⁄

The success of this conference reflects the critical environmental topics that are discussed as well as the quality of the presented papers. All the papers that are selected undergo a review process. As an outcome of the improving quality of the papers in previous conferences, they have been included in databases, such as Science Citation Index (ISI) and SRCosmos.

The CEST2015 scientific programme will accommodate sessions and workshops on a wide range of environmental themes. These include:

  1. Water and wastewater management
    • Water treatment
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Water quality
    • Innovations in Chemicals and processes for water and wastewater treatment
    • Modelling and auto control in water treatment
    • Advanced Oxidation Processes
  2. Solid waste management
  3. Odour management
  4. Hydrology and water resources management
    •     Drought and water scarcity
    •     Water-Energy nexus
    •     Smart Water and ICT
    •     Water resources and economics
    •     Water policy
  5. Emerging pollutants
  6. Analytical methods for the determination of emerging pollutants in environmental samples
    • Treatment of pollutants
    • Air pollution
    • Climate change and environmental dynamics
    • Indoor air pollution
    • Transport and environment
  7. Clean energy and sustainability
  8. Environmental planning, management and policies for cities and regions
    • Infrastructure planning and environmental sustainability
    • Environmental Legislation
    • Sustainable development and planning
    • Environmental economics and education
    • Society and the environment
  9. Ecology and ecosystem management
  10. Public health and the environment
  11. Environmental data analysis and modelling
  12. Soil contamination and remediation
  13. Marine environment and coastal management
  14. Corporate Responsibility
  15. Technologies and applications for resources efficiency in the business sector


January 10,2015Extended: Submission of abstracts
April 30,2015Submission of full paper

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