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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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The HPLC symposium series is well known as the world leading forum for the information exchange among researchers dealing with separations in liquid phases and supercritical fluids. The conference program covers all aspects of fundamental and experimental approaches, novel instrumentation, column technologies and cutting-edge applications & instrumentation. The important feature is the coupling with mass spectrometry therefore one program track is devoted to hyphenated techniques only. The large exhibition enables to meet leading vendors presenting their latest technical innovations.

Date: 18.06.2017 - 22.06.2017
National/International: International
Language: English
Type: Conference
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Contact: Symposium secretariat: C-IN, 5. kvetna 65, 140 21 Prague 4, Czech Republic
tel.: +420 261 174 305
Conference web site at:   http:⁄⁄www.hplc2017-prague.org⁄

Scientific topics:

  • Fundamentals
    • Mechanisms of mass transport phenomena
    • Ultra-high efficient separations
    • Novel high-efficient separation media
    • Characterization of HPLC stationary phases
    • Stationary phases based on inorganic supports
    • Organic polymer monolithic and particular materials
    • Separation mechanisms and structural effects
    • Ion chromatography
    • Novel chiral stationary phases and selectors
    • Supercritical fluid chromatography
    • Thermodynamics of LC separations
    • Electromigration techniques
    • Multi-dimensional separations
    • Data analysis and chemometrics
  • Hyphenations
    • Separation – high-resolution MS
    • Supercritical fluid chromatography – MS
    • Nanofluidic and microfluidic separations – MS
    • Electrodriven separations – MS    
    • Coupling of separation techniques and MALDI-MS    
    • LC coupled to electrochemistry – MS    
    • LC coupled to inorganic MS   
    • Ion mobility in LC/MS    
    • Novel ionization techniques    
    • Spatial separation by MS imaging    
    • Ion suppression and matrix-effects    
    • High-throughput, data processing and bioinformatics in LC/MS    
    • Biomarker discovery    
    • Quantitation in LC/MS
  • Applications and Instrumentation
    • Proteomics    
    • Metabolomics    
    • Lipidomics    
    • Glycomics and glycoproteomics    
    • Food analysis    
    • (Bio)pharmaceuticals and drug metabolism    
    • Affinity separations    
    • Clinical analysis    
    • Environmental analysis    
    • Forensics, doping and toxicology    
    • Chiral separations    
    • Sample preparation and automation
    • Small molecules    
    • Emerging applications


January 23,2017Submission of abstracts for oral presentations
March 6,2017Submission of abstracts for poster presentations
March 20,2017Early registration at reduced fee
June 1,2017Submission of abstracts for late posters

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