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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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The growing field of metallomics signifies more than the study of metals in biological systems. It shows us how the width and depth of the periodic table – inextricably woven into the fabric of life – is a Rosetta Stone for ground-breaking scientific discovery. Metallomics has the power to bridge cross-discipline and sector gaps to foster more effective science, crucial in a world where the need for real solutions to complex human and environmental issues persist. Our theme for ISM9 is sustainability, addressing how we can have a sustainable research impact through breaking scientific and cultural silos, whilst engaging a wider community to support meaningful and directed collaborations in this evolving field. Three overarching tracks for metals in human health, environmental health & sustainability, and interface topics will facilitate rich discussions for new horizons in metallomics research among academic and clinical researchers, industry, and the commercial sectors.

Date: 17.06.2024 - 21.06.2024
National/International: International
Language: English
Type: Conference
Location: Bush House, London, UK
Contact: theodora.stewart@kcl.ac.uk
Conference web site at:   https:⁄⁄ism9.co.uk⁄

Human Health

“We will explore new research demonstrating the fundamental role that metals play in disease aetiology, progression, and exacerbation along with their use in novel therapeutic and diagnostic applications.”

  •     Metals in Health & Disease
  •     Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Interface Topics

“We will delve deeper into interface topics where metallomics intersects with emerging topics of significant scientific & societal importance where analytical advances are driving innovation in health & environmental sustainability.”

  •     Analytical and method developments
  •     Applied bioinorganic chemistry
  •     Biotechnology
  •     Public and occupational health
  •     Energy and transport
  •     Circular economy

Environmental Health & Sustainability

“The industrial and chemical revolutions of the 18th and 19th century have altered the distribution of metals in the environment, and the lasting impact and potential solutions will be examined across soil, water, air, flora and fauna.”

  •     Biogeochemical cycles
  •     Metal ecotoxicity
  •     Bio-recovery and remediation


January 26,2024Extended: Submission of abstracts
March 29,2024Extended: Early registration at reduced fee

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