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Date: 04.09.2016 - 07.09.2016
National/International: International
Language: English
Type: Conference
Location: Gdansk, Poland
Contact: Gdańsk University of Technology
Faculty of Chemistry
Department of Analytical Chemistry
11/12 G. Narutowicz Str.
80-233 Gdańsk (Poland)
e-mail: chemanal@pg.gda.pl
Conference web site at:   http:⁄⁄chem.pg.edu.pl⁄tracespec

Scope & Topics
  • Elemental speciation in soil and plant interaction.
  • Elemental speciation methods of colloids and nano-particles.
  • Speciation of metal(loid)s in oceanography and freshwaters.
  • Speciation studies combining several techniques.
  • Speciation analysis in biological tissues and body fluids.
  • Speciation analysis in farm to fork and in legislation.
  • Remediation technologies.
  • Gene-environment-metal interactions.
  • Control strategies for heavy metal emissions and deposition.
  • Nutrient-metal interactions.
  • QC / QA, reference materials, spectroscopic standards and chemometric data handling.
  • Total element measurements, down to ultra-trace levels in all sample types using element-specific techniques.


June 20,2016Early registration at reduced fee
July 15,2016Extended: Online registration
July 15,2016Extended: Submission of abstracts

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