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EVISA member eurofins strengthens its position


Germany (Hamburg, June 1, 200%)
The new laboratory and office building is situated at Eurofins’ headquarters for Germany in Hamburg-Harburg and comprises approximately 5.000 m2 of floorspace. The centre will unify several Eurofins Laboratories in Germany under one roof. This building will double Eurofins’ overall laboratory area in Hamburg to over 10.000 m2. In total, the analysis centre will employ 200 staff.

The Group currently employs over 600 staff in Germany (on a pro-forma-basis). Besides the new building in Hamburg, the Group also has a strong presence in the south of Germany. 200 staff are employed in Bavaria; in Martinsried (genetic analyses, sequencing, pharmacogenomics), Ebersberg (MWG-Biotech; genomic services), Bayreuth (dioxin testing), Augsburg (food analysis) and Nuremberg (microbiology). Eurofins is among the largest regional employers in the biotechnology sector in Bavaria.

Today, the Eurofins-Group is the global market leader in the area of food analysis and is at the forefront of research to develop new analytical testing methods. A recent example is the test for genetically modified corn Bt10 developed in April 2005 by Eurofins'  GeneScan, which is the only test to date accepted by the EU and the European JRC (Joint Research Center) to detect Bt10 corn. Eurofins’ global market leadership in, e.g. the analysis of genetically modified organisms (GMO) as well as in dioxin-testing is based on the expertise of the laboratories and staff at two of Eurofins’ Competence Centres in Germany.

From 1998 to the end of 2004, Eurofins sales in Germany increased from under € 1 million to almost € 33 million, not including sales which resulted from the acquisition of ERGO and the shareholdings in MWG-Biotech AG. Taking both companies fully into consideration, the pro-forma sales in Germany alone have increased to over € 45 million.

(Nantes/Brussel June 6, 2005)
Eurofins Danmark A/S has acquired the environmental activities (mainly water testing) of Steins A/S, one of the leading environmental laboratories in Scandinavia. The agreement includes the takeover of Steins laboratory in Vejen (Denmark). With this acquisition, Eurofins strengthens its position as the largest Environmental testing group in Europe.

According to Svend Aage Linde, Managing Director of Eurofins Danmark A/S and member of the Board of Eurofins Scientific S.A., this acquisition is a natural continuance of the consolidation that has taken place in the European laboratory industry over the last years – a consolidation which has had great influence on Danish environmental laboratories.

Eurofins currently employs about 200 staff in its environmental testing services in Scandinavia. “Through this acquisition, Eurofins strengthens its position in Northern Europe”, states Svend Aage Linde. “The purchase of the environmental activities, BSE analyses and the laboratory in Vejen with around 100 employees should increase our annual turnover by over € 8 millions.”

It is planned that the laboratory in Vejen continues production and shall be developed in line with Eurofins’ ongoing efficiency programme. This programme will lead to a concentration of several production sites into fewer, larger and more effective laboratories.

The resulting synergies should contribute to a further margin improvement for Eurofins in Scandinavia while allowing clients to benefit from the additional efficiency as a consequence of this merger. Furthermore, this acquisition will contribute to securing a competitive Scandinavian laboratory production in times of increasing international competition.

Source: Eurofins, Press releases (June 1 and June 6)

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