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Impressions from the Analytica 2012 in Munich


Organizers have expanded the fair's concept by adding new elements such as the "Live Labs" where international manufacturers presented their products in action within a laboratory environment. Three different labs were devoted to the themes "Forensic and clinical diagnostics", "Food and water analysis" and "Polymer analysis".

Some manufacturers used the internationally recognized trade fair to present new instruments and accessories:

Agilent presented the 8800 - Triple Quad ICP-MS system, introduced already at Pittcon a month ago. The unique configuration of the 8800 ICP-QQQ enables MS/MS operation, providing precise control of reaction processes in the collision/reaction cell. This ensures reaction mode results are consistent and reliable, even when the sample composition is complex or variable.

Bruker for the first presented Skyscans high resolution micro-computertomography systems. The Bruker microCT instruments allow for 3D-X-ray imaging in material science and life science. Numerous applications such as in vivo preclinical imaging using animal models, in vitro imaging of soft and hard tissues or 3D-imaging of electronic components, synthetic materials, to name only few. The new microCT products can optional be equipped with accessories for studying samples under compression, tension, cooling or heating.

PerkinElmer presented its new Axion Direct Sample Analysis (DSA)-system. This source allows to analyze up to 13 samples directly from the solid or liquid phase without any sample preparation. The fully automated system was developed as a integrated sample presentation system for the Axion time-of-flight mass spectrometer.

Thermo presented the new iCAP Q ICP-MS system also introduced a month ago during Pittcon. The ergonomically designed quadrupole ICP-MS is using the smallest bench space of all commercial systems actually available. Its innovative interface with skimmer cone featuring unique, user-replaceable inserts mounted behind the cone tip to control memory effects is easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.

Analytica again also included analytica Conference as an integrated part of the of the international trade fair. This time about 1700 visitors participated in 120 presentations of 22 symposia being organized to highlight the trends in analytical chemistry. This was a nice growth of about 40% compared to the previous analytica conference.

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