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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

PLSG Invests $100,000 in Applied Isotope Technologies, Inc., for Development of New Technologies for Environmental and Biological Analyses


About Applied Isotope Technologies
Since its incorporation in 2003, AIT has entirely focused on creation of  new technologies, quantitative measurement tools, and related products and  services for analyses in environmental, biological markets, and in early cancer detection.  The company's products play a critical role in providing  significantly improved levels of accuracy, sensitivity and convenience in  trace and sub-trace analyses using an important class of analytical  instruments called mass spectrometers.  Trace compounds are typically measured  in nanogram or even lower quantities.     

Over the past ten years, Mass Spectrometry ("MS") has become the dominant  analytical instrument for detection of analytes that must be measured at very  small quantities.
The ability to identify and accurately measure complex chemical structures by the MS, in speciated forms, possible only through the application of the species-specific isotope dilution analysis (SIDMS) promises to be significant and transformational in several multi-billion dollar industries.

"We are very pleased with our new relationship with PLSG.  The TDF  investment is earmarked for the development of important new measurement  protocols and related standards, reagents and software for human health care.  These products will be developed in collaboration with scientists from the  Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institute of Standards and  Technology (NIST), and used to accurately detect many harmful and sometimes  chemo-preventive elemental chemical species, such as selenium in human blood,  urine, tissue and hair that are presently impossible to do," said Matt Pamuku,  President and CEO of Applied Isotope Technologies, Inc.       

About the Technology Development Fund (TDF)     
The Technology Development Fund is a competitive funding program designed  to increase the commercialization potential of life science technologies  developed by the region's scientists and entrepreneurs.  The intent is to  provide financial support to verify the technical and commercial feasibility  of early stage inventions that will accelerate and increase the likelihood  that the technology will be successfully commercialized through a regional  start-up company.  These funds can be used in conjunction with or to leverage  other early sources of funding.       

About the PLSG     
The Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse is a public/private partnership,  founded by the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, UPMC  Health System, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its regional foundation  community.  Together with private industry and advanced research and  healthcare capabilities of our institutional partners, PLSG invests in and  supports the growth of regional life sciences companies in the areas of:  bioinformatics; bionanotechnology; diagnostics; medical devices; medical  robotics; therapeutics; and tools and services.       

SOURCE: Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse  

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