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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

Third parties linking to EVISA's web portal


Agilent Technologies
Direct Nickel
Elements Inc.
Glass Expansion
ISC Science
Quality Consult
Thermo Scientific

Institutions and Organizations (alphabetically):

Cadaster: Case studies on the development and applications of in-Silico techniques for environmental hazards and risl assessment
China Environment Forum, Woodrow Wilson Center
ENEA (Department of Environment, Global Change And Sustainable Development)
Environmental Technologies Centre of Excellence (Ljubljana. Slovenia)
Florida Society of Environmental Analysts
Gesellschaft für Mineralstoffe und Spurenelemente (GMS)
Gesellschaft für Toxikologische und Forensische Chemie
Government of Western Australia, Department of Health, Public Health
 Indian Society for Mass Spectrometry (ISMAS)
IUPAC: Analytical Chemistry Division
Laboratory of Environmental Research and Services of Mendoza (LISAMEN)
UK National Measurement System: Chemical and Biological Metrology Website
OSIRIS:Optimized Strategies for Risk Assessment of Industrial Chemicals through Integration of Non-Test and Test Information
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
Slovak Spectroscopic Society
Sociedad Española de Química Analítica 
Technical University of Denmark
Technical University of Graz, Austria
The Metallurgist
Universidad de Antioquia, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Instituto de Quimica
Universidad Complutense Madrid
Universiteit Antwerpen
University of Mainz
University of Münster
University of Zaragoza
US Environmental Protection Agency
Virtual Institute of Chemometrics and Industrial Metrology
Werkgroep Atoomspectrometrie (WAS)

Conference web sites (linking to EVISA):

EPTEE 2010
European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry 2009 Graz
ISC 2008 - 27th International Symposium on Chromatography
Isranalytica 2006
Isranalytica 2009
Metallomics 2011
TEF 3: Third International IUPAC Symposium on Trace Elements in Food

Scientists and working groups:

Carsten Engelhardt University of Münster
Grupo de investigación “Espectroscopia Analítica y Sensores” (GEAS), Departamento de Química Analítica de la Universidad de Zaragoza
Klaus Heumann, University of Mainz
Uwe Karst, University of Münster
Michael Sperling, University of Münster
Spiros A. Pergantis, Crete, Greece
Toshiro Matsunaga, National Institute of Agricultural Research, Tsukuba, Japan
Wolfgang Buscher, University of Münster

Other web sites:

Amalgam Informationen
Analytik News
Carpathian Journal of Food Science and Technology
Chemistry Online

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