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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

Vacancy:   Europe: Mercury Biogeochemistry

The training network topics are:
  • PhD 1: Understanding atmospheric Hg redox transformations from novel field observations and 3D atmospheric Hg models.
  • PhD 2: New experimental constraints on atmospheric Hg red-ox reactions.
  • PhD 3: Combining carbon, hydrogen and Hg compound specific isotope analysis to understand MMHg origin.
  • PhD 4: Marine Hg species dynamics and distribution.
  • PhD 5: MMHg sources in coastal ecosystem: new molecular and isotopic experimental speciation approaches.
  • PhD 6: BioconcentrationUptake, bioconcentration and biomagnificationbiomagnification of mercury into phyto- and zooplanktonzooplankton
  • PhD 7: The role of terrestrial Hg in coastal and open oceans.
  • PhD 8: Release of mercury from thawing permafrost.
  • PhD 9: Terrestrial Hg pools inter-compartmental exchanges.
  • PhD 10: Traceability of Hg speciation measurements in the atmosphere.
  • PhD 11: Innovative nano-biosensors detecting. MMHg
  • PhD 12: Regional 3D atmosphere  and ocean models to quantify the impact of oceanic sources on the regional Hg budget.
  • PhD 13: Modelling methylation and bio-accumulation of Hg in the marine environment.
  • PhD 14: Exploration of long-term observational data sets to examine ocean/atmosphere exchange processes of Hg.
  • PhD 15: Global Hg modelling to test scenarios and Hg reduction strategies.

More information and application: https://www.gmos-train.eu/esr/projects/

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