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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

Materials produced by the company:
Canadian Certified Reference Materials Project (CCRMP)

The EVISA database on materials contains information about Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), standard materials (for identification of compounds or calibration), sorbents and reagents used within the framework of trace element and speciation analysis. The following list for the cited company are the products related to these topics. For a complete list of products for this company please visit the company web site.

BH-1 Tungsten Ore
BL-1 Uranium Ore
BL-2 Uranium Ore
BL-2a Uranium Ore
BL-3 Uranium Ore
BL-4 Uranium Ore
BL-4a Uranium Ore
BL-5 Uranium Ore
CCU-1c Copper Concentrate
CD-1 Antimony Ore
CH-4 Gold Ore Certified Reference Material
CLV-1 Spruce Twigs
CLV-2 Spruce Needles
CPB-2 - Lead Concentrate
CT-1 Tungsten Ore
CUAR-1 Copper Anode
CUP-1 Uranium Ore
CUP-2 Uranium Ore Concentrate
CUPD-1 Copper Anode
CZN-3 Zinc Concentrate
CZN-4 Zinc Concentrate
DH-1a Uranium-Thorium Ore
DL-1a Uranium-Thorium Reference Ore
DS-1: Gold Ore
FER-1 Iron-Formation Samples
GTS-2 Gold Tailings Reference Material
GTS-2a Gold Ore Mill Tailing
HCC-1: Pyrometallurgical Reference Material for Sulphur
HV-2 Copper Molybdenum Ore
INM-1: Pyrometallurgical Material for Sulphur
KZK-1 Acid Base Accounting Material
MA-1b Gold Ore


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