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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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Reviews in Toxicology


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As the science of toxicology has increased in importance to the public and to regulators, the enormous proliferation of research articles makes timely reviews essential, not only for those involved in research, but also for teaching and for those involved in the regulation of agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, clinical drugs and environmental contaminants. Reviews in Toxicology is devoted to timely reviews in important and fundamental aspects of toxicology including, dut not restricted to: mechanisms of toxic action, metabolism and molecular biology of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes; population and other environmental effects; analytical toxicology and the fundamental basis of toxicity; in vivo in in vitro toxic effects.
Reviews in Toxicology is, in part, is a consolidation of several review series published by Toxicology Communications, Inc.:
Biochemical Toxicology (formerly Reviews in Biochemical Toxicology); This series is devoted to reviews in fundamental aspects of toxicology, including: metabolism and molecular biology of xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes; mechanisms of toxic action; mechanisms of toxicant uptake and excertion.
Environmental Toxicology (formerly Reviews in Environmental Toxicology); A series devoted to the publication of timely and critical reviews in all aspects of environmental toxicology, including: population effects; environmental risk assessment; new methodologies; analytical environmental chemistry.
Pesticide Toxicology (formerly Reviews in Pesticide Toxicology); Timely and critical reviews of all areas of pesticide toxicology, including: environmental effects; effects on non-target species; comparative biochemistry of target and non-target species; modes of toxic action; new technologies; toxicity testing and risk assessment.
In Vivo
Toxicology and Risk Assessment;
Reviews of toxic effects on the intact organism, their measurement and the relationship between the resultant data and the process of risk assessment. Will include reviews of the toxicity of individual toxicants as well as critical views of current and emerging methodology in hazard and risk assessment as well as risk management.

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