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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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Trends in Neurosciences



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For over twenty five years, TINS has been among the leading current awareness journals in basic neurosciences (Impact Factor, 14.475), publishing succinct and readable articles in a monthly magazine format. The field of neuroscience has a relentless stream of exciting new developments, but with our short Reviews, Opinions (review-length articles, but more progressive and forward-looking) and our shorter Research Focus articles, keeping abreast of the latest ideas is easy. Aimed at researchers, students and teachers, our articles are always authoritative, written by both leaders in the field and rising stars.

Articles for TINS are generally invited by the Editor, but unsolicited proposals for articles will sometimes be considered. Prospective authors should prepare a point-by-point outline of their intended manuscript, citing 10-12 key references that illustrate both why you would be our first author of choice to cover the topic, as well as those that breadth and balance of the proposed article.

This proposal can be sent to an appropriate member of the Advisory Editorial Board or to the Editor, who will supply guidelines on manuscript preparation if the proposal is accepted. Completed articles sent without prior consultation will not be considered.

Briefly, TINS reviews are 'mini-reviews' (2500-3000 words in length) that present an update from a broad, multidisciplinary standpoint on an exciting recent development. To complement this 'overview' approach, we encourage the use of summary schematics and diagrams instead of primary data .

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