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Xiamen-Daxue-xuebao = Journal of Xiamen University Ziran-kexue-ban : shuangyuekan = Natural science

China's Core Journals of Natural Sciences



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Xiamen, Fujian
Journal of Xiamen University(Natural Science) started its publication in 1931. It is a comprehensive academic periodical(bimonthly) administered by the Ministry of Education, managed by Xiamen University and officially distributed at home and abroad . It is published simultaneously in printed edition, CD edition, and internet.

This journal adheres to the Party’s basic line and implements the policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend. It provides a forum for summarizing and exchanging experiences and achievements so as to promote the development of science and technology, spread the achievements in research, discover scientific talents and help them to make further progress.

The journal is specialized in publishing the latest achievements in research in the disciplines of mathematics, computer science, physics, technical science, chemistry, chemical engineering, oceanography, environment science, and life science. The articles published by this journal fall into three types: (1)”Fast Reports”: reports on the latest original achievements in research or the latest phase of research at home and abroad; (2)”Research Papers” of all disciplines: academic papers on basic theory of science, engineering and experiments; (3)”News Bulletin”: reports on the new practical achievements by stages.

Since the publication of this journal started in 1931, it hs received great support from both writers and readers in and outside of the university. Since 1994, the journal has been one of China’s top comprehensive university journals in citation frequencies and influence factors. It has been indexed successively as a source periodical by many core journals and data banks at home and abroad, and for many times, it has been listed as excellent journal of science in China, East China region and Fujian Province. In 2001, it was listed in the “Journal Phalanx” issued by the General Administration of Press and Publication of China; in 2003, it won the “Second National Award for 100 Key Journals of Science and Technology” conferred by the General Administration of Press and Publication of China. In 2006, it won the “First Award for Elite Journals of Universities in China” conferred by the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education.

At present, the National Knowledge Infrastructure data base has accepted all the issues of the Journal of Xiamen University (Natural Science) published since 1953. Please click “list of titles of each issue” to get onto webpage for detailed information. The specific website is as follows:

To read the full text, please go the website of National Knowledge Infrastructure(http://www.cnki.net).

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