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Directory of scientists

María Montes-Bayón
Associate Professor (Physical and Analytical Chemistry)
University of Oviedo, Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry, c/ Julian Claveria 8, E-33006 Oviedo, Spain 

+34 - 985103478
+34 - 985 10 31 25
María Montes-Bayón
Development of analytical strategies based on mass spectrometry (elemental and molecular) for the determination of important clinical biomarkers related to:
  1. The study of alterations in Fe metabolism related to Fe-containing proteins and its importance in prevalent diseases such as dibetes mellitus, glaucome or chronic alcoholism.
  2. The development of individualized chemotherapeutic treatments based on the use of Pt-based metallodrugs through selective monitoring of Pt-adducts with DNA nucleobases.
  3. The oxidative stress generated by the presence of trace metals released from prosthesis and implants (e.g. Ti), by the development of associated complications in diabetes mellitus (e.g. rethinopaty) or in chemotherapeutic treatments (e.g. cisplatin).
  • Hyphenated techniques with ICP-MS
  • Structural MS (ESI/MS and MALDI/MS)

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