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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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Terminology related to mass spectrometry

EVISA is providing a list of terms used in the area of speciation and fractionation analysis as a searchable glossary. Since speciation analysis is a field of analytical chemistry that is specified by a pronounced interdisciplinary cooperation between different sciences such as biochemistry, medicine, biology, environmental sciences, nutritional sciences and material sciences its terminology is a complex mixture of terms used in all these.

In case that you cannot find a term related to mass spectrometry within EVISA's glossary, you may consult more special glossaries or handbooks about the terminology of mass spectrometry:

Glossaries and web-based resources

Mass Spec Terms Project/ MS Terms Wiki
SpectroscopyNow: Mass Spectrometry Glossary
Base Peak: Mass Spectrometry Resource from Wiley: Mass Spectrometry Glossary of Terms

Publications related to MS terminology

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