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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

All about Mass Spectrometry: Resources related to Mass Spectrometry

Related EVISA Resources

Brief Summary: ICP-MS - A versatile detection system for speciation analysis
Brief Summary: LC-ICP-MS - The most often used hyphenated system for speciation analysis
Brief Summary: GC-ICP-MS: A very sensitive hyphenated system for speciation analysis
Brief Summary: CE-ICP-MS for speciation analysis
Brief Summary: ESI-MS: The tool for the identification of species
Brief summary: Terminology related to mass spectrometry
EVISA Glossary: Terms related to mass spectrometry

EVISA Database System

Journal Database:
Journals related to Mass Spectrometry

Company Database:
Mass Spectrometry Societies
Manufacturers of ESI-MS instruments
Manufacturers of GC/MS instruments
Manufacturers of GD-MS instruments
Manufacturers of ICP-MS instruments
Manufacturers of IRMS instruments
Manufacturers of  MALDI instruments
Manufacturers of SIMS/SNMS instruments
Manufacturers of TIMS instruments
Manufacturers of Electron-Multipliers

Scientists Database:
Scientists working with ESI-MS
Scientists working with GC-MS
Scientists working with GD-MS
Scientists working with ICP-MS
Scientists working with IRMS
Scientists working with MALDI
Scientists working with SIMS/SNMS
Scientists working with TIMS

Instrument Database:
ESI-MS instruments
GC-MS instruments
GD-MS instruments
ICP-MS instruments
IRMS instruments
MALDI instruments
SIMS/SNMS instruments
TIMS instruments

Components Database:
Electron Multipliers

Link Database:
Analytical methods using mass spectrometry
Research groups using mass spectrometry
Research projects making use of mass spectrometry

Agenda of Events:
EVISA Agenda of Events related to Mass Spectrometry
Annual ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics
DGMS: List of Events
SIMS Workshop: SIMS meetings

EVISA News related to Mass Spectrometry

Newsgroups/Discussion Groups/List-servers/Fora

ASMS Interest Group Forums
BMSS - Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
FAQS.ORG: Mass Spectrometry Internet Resources
i-mass (international mass spectrometry web resource)
IonSource Mass Spectrometry and Biotechnology Resource
Kermit Murray's Mass Spectrometry Blog
MALDI Mass Spectrometric Imaging Interest Group
MSC: Mass-Spec-Capital.com - The Mass Spectrometry Web Portal
North Jersey Mass Spec Discussion Group
Pacific Northwest Mass Spectrometry Group
PlasmaChem Discussion Forum: Search the Archive
San Francisco Bay Area Mass Spectrometry (BAMS) discussion group
SIMS Workshop
SpectroscopyNow: Mass Spectrometry Section
Technology Network: Mass Spectrometry - The Online Scientific Community
Usenet Mass Spectroscopy Newsgroup


EVISA Glossary (including but not limited to mass spectrometry terms)
EVISA Brief Summary: Terminology related to Mass Spectrometry
MS Terms Wiki: Standard definitions of terms relating to mass spectrometry


Ion sources
Wikipedia: Ion sources

Mass analyzers
Wikipedia: Fourier transform mass spectrometry
Wikipedia: Orbitrap mass analyzer
Wikipedia: Quadrupole ion trap
Wikipedia: Quadrupole mass analyzer
Wikipedia: Sector field instruments
Wikipedia: Time-of-flight instruments

Tutorials and other basic information

ASMS: What is Mass Spectrometry ?
Freelanceteach: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (Video Part 1)
Freelanceteach: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (Video Part 2)
Freelanceteach: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (Video Part 3)
Freelanceteach: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (Video Part 4)
Freelanceteach: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (Video Part 5)
IonSource: Electrospray Mass Spectra Interpretation
IonSource: Guide to Protein Post-Translational Modifications
IonSource: Isotopes
IonSource: Principles of MS Quantitation
IonSource: Protein Identification
IonSource: Small Molecule Drug Metabolism
IonSource: De Novo Peptide Sequencing Tutorial
Iowa State University: Mass Spectrometry On-line Tutorial
James K. Hardy's GC/MS for Chromatographers
LC/GC's CHROMacademy: Mass Spec
MatrixScience: Accuracy & Resolution
MatrixScience: Peptide Fragmentation
MatrixScience: MS/MS Ions Search
Science Hypermedia: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry
Scripps Center of Metabolomics and Mass Spectrometry: History of Mass Spectrometry
Time Of Flight / TOF Mass Spectrometer Tutorial
UC Davis: Accurate Mass
UC Davis: Accurate Isotopic Abundances
Wikipedia: Mass spectrometry


CSLS Service - Chemical Structure Lookup Service (some 27 million unique structures)
Elemental composition and isotopic abundances, as published by IUPAC 2002-10-02
Inorganic Ventures: Analytical Periodic System
MaConDa: Mass Spedctrometry Contaminants Database
MassBank: public repository of mass spectral data
MatrixScience: Amino Acid Reference Data
METLIN: Metabolite and Tandem MS Database
isoMETLIN:  Isotope Metabolite MS Database
NIST: Atomic Weights and Isotope Composition with Relative Atomic Masses
NIST: NIST Chemistry WebBook
NIST: Libraries of Peptide Tandem Mass Spectra
Pubchem: Small Molecule Database (containing more than 12 Million substances)
The Lipid Library: A site dedicated to lipids (introduction to lipids, lipid protocols, MS of lipids,  EI spectral libraries, and lipid NMR data)
The RNA modification database provides a comprehensive listing of posttranscriptionally modified nucleosides from RNA and is maintained as an updated version of the initial printed report
Thermodynamics Research Laboratory: Thermodynamic Data and Property Calculation Sites on the Web
UC Davis: Database Aggregators for Metabolomics
WebElements: Periodic system with essential data
Worthington Enzyme Manual (A searchable database of enzymes at Worthington Biochemical Corporation, each enzyme record includes digest methods and  ample references)

Tools (online service and downloadable software)
ABRF - Delta Mass: A Database of Protein Post Translational Modifications
ChemCalc: Calculate molecular formula, molecular mass, exact mass, elemental analysis and plots the isotopic distribution graph
Center for Computational Mass Spectrometry (Provides access to the following programs: MS-Dictionary, MS-Generating Function, MS-Clustering, Spectral Networks, PepNovo, Phosphorylation search)
Chime: a web based program which displays molecular structure
ETH - MassSearch: Searching SwissProt or TrEMBL by protein mass after digestion
ExPASy: SIB Bioinformatics Resource Portal
Institute for Systems Biology: Proteomic Tools (peptide fragment calculator, protein digester, DNA translator, composition calculator)
IsoPro - mass spectral isotopic distribution simulator
Mascot - a powerful search engine that uses MS data to identify proteins from primary sequence databases
mMass - Open Source Mass Spectrometry Tool for Mass Spectrometric Data Analysis
MS Fragment Wizard
MassSpectator (online peak area calculator)
OMSSA, a free protein database MS search engine
RNA/DNA masspec toolbox
The Toolbox contains a set of mass spectrometry-related utility programs which provide for calculation of oligonucleotide mass values for RNA and DNA and enzymatic cleavage fragments, and of sequence ions from collision-induced dissociation, all with provision for use of modified residues.
Rockefeller University - Proteomics protocols and software
Scientific Instruments Services: Isotope Distribution Calculator and Mass Spec Plotter
Scientific Instruments Services: Mass Spectrum Generator
Smile MS:molecule computational toolkit (isotopic ratio distribution, mass to formula finder, mass based Pubchem (toxicology) content search tool)
University of Liverpool: Buffers - A recipe calculator for thermodynamically correct buffers for pH control
UC Davis: Mass Spectrometry Adduct Calculator
UC Davis: Structure Elucidation of Small Molecules
UC Davis: Mass Spectral Imaging
University of Sheffield's ChemPuter: Molecular Weight and Isotope Pattern Calculators
UCSF - ProteinProspector (Proteomics tools for mining sequence databases)
UCSF - MS-Bridge linked peptide search of MS data at the UCSF Protein Prospector web site.  Useful in identifying disulfide lined peptides.
Utah University: Elemental Composition Calculator v1.0

Maintenance and trouble-shooting

DeTech: Technical note about electron multipliers
Georgia Institute of Technology: Mass Spectrometry Troubleshooting guide
Mass Spec Source: Mass spectrometer source cleaning
SISWEB:  Mass Spec Tips
Spectroscopy: Mass Spectrometry Troubleshooting Guide
Waters Support Library
Waters: Controling Contamination in UltraPerformance LC®/MS and HPLC/MS Systems
Waters: Common Background Ions

Other Link pages related to specific domains of analytical sciences:

Resources related to analytical sciences
Resources related to atomic spectrometry
Resources related to molecular spectrometry
Resources related to mass spectrometry
Resources related to chromatography
Resources related to quality assurance/quality control

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