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Links: OSHA Method PV2057: Tetramethyltin
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.904 )
Samples are collected by drawing a known volume of air through a charcoal tube. Samples are desorbed with carbon disulfide and analyzed by gas chromatography with a flame ioniz...

Links: OSHA: Hazard Recognition: Chromium
  (Last Mod.:2010-02-26 / Rating: 8.901 )
Workers in many different occupations are exposed to hexavalent chromium. Occupational exposures occur mainly among workers who handle pigments containing dry chromate, spray p...

Links: OSHA: Health guideline - SnO
  (Last Mod.:2010-02-26 / Rating: 8.901 )
This guideline summarizes pertinent information about tin oxide for workers and employers as well as for physicians, industrial hygienists, and other occupational safety and he...

Links: OSHA Method ID-110: Tetraethyltin
  (Last Mod.:2012-11-13 / Rating: 8.899 )
Samples are collected by drawing known volumes of air through sampling tubes containing 100 mg of XAD-7 in the front section and 50 mg in the back section. Samples are desorbed...

Links: OSHA Method ID-133SG: Selenium
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.897 )
The sample is collected on a 0.8-µm AA cellulose filter.  The filters are ashed with concentrated HNO3, 1000 ppm nickel, and HCl to destroy the organic matrix and dissolve the ...

Links: OSHA Method ID-103: Hexavalent chromium
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.890 )
The chromium (VI) is extracted from the filter using a carbonate/bicarbonate buffer solution and then analyzed by differential pulse polarography.

Links: OSHA Method ID-225sg: Triphenyltin hydroxide
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.890 )
The sample is collected on an MCE filter (0.8 µm) and analyzed by atomic absorption with a graphite furnace.

Links: OSHA: Chemical Sampling Information: Cyhexatin
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.889 )
PRIMARY SAMPLING/ANALYTICAL METHOD (SLC1): MEDIA: Glass Fiber filter (37 mm) in series with an XAD-2 Tube (80/40 mg sections, 20/50 mesh) ANL SOLVENT: 0.1% Acetic Acid in Aceto...

Links: OSHA Method ID-222sg: Tributyltin benzoate
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.889 )
Samples are collected by drawing a known volume of air through a PVC filter. Samples extracted with 1-propanol and are analyzed by atomic absorption/graphite furnace.

Links: OSHA Method ID-223sg: Tributyltin fluoride
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.889 )
Samples are collected by drawing a known volume of air through a polystyrene cassette containing a PVC filter. Samples are digested with nitric acid and analyzed by atomic abso...

  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.888 )
This method describes the collection and analysis of airborne dibutyltin oxide (DBTO). It is applicable for time-weighted average exposure evaluations. The analysis is based on...

Links: OSHA: Hazard Information Bulletin: Dimethylmercury
  (Last Mod.:2008-09-01 / Rating: 8.887 )
Dimethylmercury belongs to a class of organic mercury compounds known as alkyl mercuries. It is used primarily in research. It is a colorless liquid described as having a weak,...

Links: OSHA: Hazard Recognition -Toxic Metals
  (Last Mod.:2010-02-26 / Rating: 8.887 )
U.S. Department of Labor - Occupational Safety & Health Administration Toxic metals, including "heavy metals," are individual metals and metal compounds that...

Links: OSHA: Mercury Safety and Health Topics
  (Last Mod.:2010-02-26 / Rating: 8.887 )
keywords: properties, health effects, epidemiological studies, occupational exposure, mercury compounds evaluation 

Links: OSHA Method ID-143: Zinc oxide
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.887 )
A suspension of the sample particulate in tetrahydrofuran (THF) is created by dissolving the sample filter in THF and then sonicating. The sample particulate is then deposited ...

  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.887 )
Wipe samples are collected by using firm hand pressure to move a 37-mm diameter polyvinyl chloride (PVC) filter, 5-µm pore size, across the surface of interest. An alternate me...

Links: OSHA Method ID-223sg: Tributyltin fluoride determination
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.886 )

Links: OSHA: Chemical Sampling Information: Nickel carbonyl
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.885 )
 Safety and Health  Topics   Nickel Carbonyl    Chemical Sampling  Information  Safety and Health  Topics     Chemical Sampling Information:   Nic...

  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.885 )
This method describes the collection and analysis of airborne butyltin trichloride (BTTC) as adapted from the standard test method of M & T Chemicals, Inc. (Reference 1). T...

Links: OSHA Method ID-185: Back-up Report
  (Last Mod.:2003-12-31 / Rating: 8.884 )
This back-up report consists of the following sections:(1) Experimental procedure(2) Analysis(3) Determination of the accuracy and precision(4) Determination of detection limit...

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