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FDA Approves Inorganic Arsenic Limits in Baby Rice Cereal
  (Last Mod.:2020-10-16 / Rating: 9.645 )

Experts detail how rice absorbs arsenic from the soil
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-26 / Rating: 9.270 )

Elevated Arsenic Levels Found In Rice Grown In South Central States of the USA
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-24 / Rating: 8.877 )

Arsenic in rice milk exceeds EU and US drinking water standards
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-25 / Rating: 8.833 )

UK Food Standards Agency releases research on arsenic in rice milk
  (Last Mod.:2019-08-15 / Rating: 8.542 )

China: Inorganic Arsenic in Rice - An Underestimated Health Threat ?
  (Last Mod.:2020-10-06 / Rating: 8.474 )

Arsenic species in rice: Call for analytical laboratories
  (Last Mod.:2013-04-16 / Rating: 8.464 )

New arsenic compound found in rice: dimethyl-arsonyl-dimethyl-arsinic acid
  (Last Mod.:2022-12-31 / Rating: 8.208 )

Surprisingly high concentrations of toxic arsenic species found in U.S. rice
  (Last Mod.:2020-07-22 / Rating: 8.034 )

Arsenic Speciation in Rice Cereals for Infants
  (Last Mod.:2020-10-06 / Rating: 7.954 )

Arsenic in Rice : First results from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  (Last Mod.:2019-08-15 / Rating: 7.949 )

New way of cooking rice removes arsenic and retains mineral nutrients, study shows
  (Last Mod.:2020-11-17 / Rating: 7.819 )

Half of the rice sold in the UK breaches limits on arsenic for children
  (Last Mod.:2020-07-23 / Rating: 7.767 )

Arsenic speciation analysis in rice milk
  (Last Mod.:2020-07-22 / Rating: 7.757 )

Arsenic species in rice: A new Australian reference material
  (Last Mod.:2019-08-15 / Rating: 7.756 )

Researchers propose an improved cooking recipe to reduce worrying levels of arsenic in our rice
  (Last Mod.:2018-07-07 / Rating: 7.643 )

Arsenic species in rice: Origin, uptake and geographical variation
  (Last Mod.:2020-07-22 / Rating: 7.487 )

Widespread Occurrence of the Highly Toxic Dimethylated Monothioarsenate in Rice
  (Last Mod.:2022-08-22 / Rating: 6.681 )

EFSA: Scientific Opinion on Arsenic in Food
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-29 / Rating: 6.626 )

EFSA calls for data on arsenic levels in food and water
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-27 / Rating: 6.404 )

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