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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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Archive: What's new on EVISA's web site ?

EVISA's webportal is continuously updated with current information. Please recognize that even back-lying pages, such as "old" News in the archive are updated with respect to links and current information. Here we inform about recent changes made to our web site.

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31st October 2006
Changing the "website of the month" to:
Chemical Information Sources Wiki

29th October 2006
We did some maintenance on the server depublishing outdated NEWS and updating some links. We also added some records to EVISA database system, so that now the
Database on Companies has 1185 entries,
Database on Instruments has 2275 entries,
Database on Components has 137 entries,
Database on Links has 1175 entries.
Tell us what you missed and we will try to add it.

23rd October 2006
Addition to EVISA's News section:
A hard nut cracked: Brazil nuts’ selenium compounds identified

18th October 2006
Addition to EVISA's News section:
Speciation analysis by LC-ICP-MS finds new application area in clinical chemistry: Ceruloplasmin

17th October 2006
EVISA welcomes a new member of its Directory of Scientists:
Prof. Rob. P. Mason

14th October 2006
Publication of the
October issue of EVISA's Speciation Newsletter.

11th October 2006
Addition to EVISA's News section:
TBT from antifouling paint is still endangering marine life, says WWF

10th October 2006
Addition to EVISA's News section:
REACH: Parties unite on EU chemicals safety law

9th October 2006
Addition to EVISA's News section:
Linking atmospheric mercury to methylmercury in fish

5th October 2006
Addition of Chillers and Thermostats to EVISA's
Database on Instruments (now 2250 entries).

4th October 2006
Addition to EVISA's News section:
OSHA Issues Hexavalent Chromium Guidance for Small Businesses

Addition to EVISA's Agenda of Events:
Dalian International Symposia and Exhibition on Chromatography, June 4-7, 2007
ISEAC-35 (June 22-26, 2008)

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