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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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Archive: What's new on EVISA's web site ?

EVISA's webportal is continuously updated with current information. Please recognize that even back-lying pages, such as "old" News in the archive are updated with respect to links and current information. Here we inform about recent changes made to our web site.

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22nd September 2006
We have added links about Analytical Methods used in Workplace Monitoring to our
Link database that now has 1170 records.

We have introduced "Software" as a new category in our
Components database that now has 135 records.

16th September 2006
Publication of the
September issue of EVISA's Speciation Newsletter.

15th September 2006
Announcement of a PostDoc position at Trent University:
Selenium speciation in sediments and its impact on mercury availability

Addition of new records to EVISA's database system with respect to  the
Database on Instruments (now 2200 entries).

Addition of Meetings to EVISA's Agenda of Events:
15th International Conference on Cytochromes P450, Bled - Slovenija, Sunday June 17. - Thursday June 21. 2007.

11th September 2006
Changing the "website of the month" to:
We continued our work on EVISA's database system by adding new records with respect to  the
Database on Companies that now has 1180 entries, and the
Database on Instruments (now 2190 entries).
Addition of a page to EVISA's section "About Speciation" on:
What is the use for total element concentrations ?

7th September 2006
Additions to EVISA's News section:
Toxic inorganic arsenic species found in Japanese seaweed food
New Agilent HPLC column for routine determination of arsenic species in human urine by HPLC-ICP-MS

Addition to EVISA's Agenda of Events:
TraceSpec 2007

5th September 2006
Additions to EVISA's Agenda of Events:
Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry
BCEIA 2007
FACSS 2007

4th September 2006
Addition to EVISA's News section:
Depleted uranium gets mobilized by phosphate fertilizer

Addition to EVISA's Agenda of Events:
9th Rio Symposium on Atomic Spectroscopy

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