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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

Products (instruments, accessories) available from:
Glass Expansion

The EVISA database contains information about the products listed below. Please understand that this list is not a complete list of products available from the company, but solely a list of those products of interest for trace element determination and speciation.
Please also understand that the database contains both current but also historical instrumentation. In case that you are looking only for current available instruments, please select the "Status = available" in the search form.
For a complete list of products please consult the companies homepage.

In the following hitlist, instruments are differentiated according to their status, as

currently commercially available,
no longer available (but still serviceable),
no longer fully serviceable.


Assist CM- Syringe-driven sample introduction system
Niagara CM - Rapid Rinse Accessory
Niagara II Rapid Rinse Accessory
Niagara Plus CM - Sample Introduction System
Niagara Plus FI Sample Injector
WindTunnel Autosampler Enclosure


Capricorn Argon Humidifier
Ceramic VeeSpray nebulizer
Cinnabar cyclonic spraychamber
ConeGuard Thread Protector
Conikal concentric nebulizer
D-Torch Demountable Torch
DuraMist - Nebulizer for routine high precision HF analyses
Elegra Argon Humidifier
Eluo Nebulizer Cleaner
Flared-end Peristaltic Pump Tubing
Helix CT ICP Spray Chamber
High Efficiency Sample Introduction System (HE-SIS)
HydraMist- Simultaneous Cold Vapor/Pneumatic Nebulization Spray Chamber
ICP Semi Demountable Torches
ICP Fixed Quartz Torches
ICP Fully Demountable Torches
ICP-MS Cones
IsoMist - Programmable Temperature Spray Chamber
IsoMist XR - programmable temperature controlled cyclonic spray chamber
LC Interface for Speciation Measurements
MicroMist concentric nebulizer
Niagara Rapid Rinse Accessory
OpalMist PFA concentric nebulizer
Peltier Cooled Cyclonic Spray Chamber for Agilent ICP-MS
PolyCon concentric nebulizer
RF Coils
SeaSpray concentric nebulizer
Slurry glass concentric nebulizer
Tracey cyclonic spraychamber
Tracey PFA44 - ultra-pure spray chamber for ICP-MS
Tracey TFE - HF-resistant spray chamber for ICP-OES
Trident In-Line Reagent Additions Kits
TruFlo Sample Monitor
Twinnabar cyclonic spraychamber
Twister cyclonic spraychamber
VeeSpray Babington-type nebulizer


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