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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

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EVISA Database: Materials

The EVISA database on Materials contains information about Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), standard materials (for identification of compounds or calibration), sorbents and reagents used within the framework of speciation analysis.

You can search for a name of the material (e.g. BCR-462), for a keyword in the description of the material (e.g. sediment, for a producer (e.g. IRMM), for a material type (CRM, Standard, Sorbent, Reagent, for the phase of the material (solid, liquid, powder) and for the analytes (element, species) it is specified for.


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JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-CE278 - Mussel tissue (mytilus edulis)

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-CE278k - Mussel tissue

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-CE464 - Total and methyl mercury in tuna fish

Fluka Chemie GmbH - ERM-CE464: Tuna fish

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-CE477 - Butyltin compounds in mussel tissue

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-CZ120 Fine dust (PM10 like)

LGC Ltd. - ERM-DA120a - Human serum

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-DB001: Trace Elements in Human Hair

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-EB090a - Titanium (disc) (element content)

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-EB090b - Titanium (chips) (element content)

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-EC680: Trace elements in polyethylene (high level)

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-EC680K Polyethylene (low level)

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-EC680m - Polyethylene (low level)

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-EC681 - Polyethylene (low level)

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-EC681K Polyethylene (high level)

JRC - Joint Research Centre - ERM-EC681m - Polyethylene (high level)

Applied Isotope Technologies - ESIS™ Hexavalent chromium (isotopically labeled)

Applied Isotope Technologies - ESIS™ Monomethyl mercury (isotopically labeled)

SUPELCO by Sigma-Aldrich - Ethylbenzene Solution

Sigma-Aldrich - European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard: Cisplatin

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