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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

EVISA's Journal Database


EVISA's Journal Database is part of EVISA's Database system, meant to empower our users to get easy access to relevant information with respect to trace elements and their speciation. The Journal Database (as all other databases) is heavily interlinked with all other databases and information pages of EVISA's web site.

How to search in EVISA's Journal Database ?

Screenshot: EVISA's Journal Database:
Search window

You may search for journals in EVISA's journal database by its...

  • full titel
  • abbreviated title
  • acronym
  • ISSN number
  • publisher
  • editor
  • subject
  • or any keyword (appearing in its description)

The resulting hitlist may be sorted either alphabetical or by Impact factor!

Alternatively you may browse through an alphabetical sorted list.

Search help from the server

Already when you type the first characters in any of the search fields, the EVISA server will make some suggestions for possible hits.

Subjects covered by the journal database

The journal database is related to publications dealing with trace elements and their speciation, with respect to all kinds of disciplines such as but not limited to:

Information provided by the Journal record:

Screenshot: Record from the journal database

Once a journal has been selected from the hitlist, the journal record is displayed giving detailed information.

The status of the journal is given, telling whether the journal is still being published (active) or has changed its title or has been discontinued.

The history of the journal is given by naming its predecessor/successor.

The publisher of the journal is given and links to EVISA's Company Database giving more information.

The homepage of the journal is the place to access the articles (just click on the URL to jump to the site). The record informs about the volumes available on that website.

Color boxes inform about the availability of the content (free, for subscribers or not at all).

A short description of the journal informs about its aims (may be used to search for keywords).

Related links give access to further EVISA resources related to the topics of the journal.

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EVISA's web portal is updated on a daily basis. Information about these updates is provided under the section "News":
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