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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

Informa Healthcare
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Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
Acta Odontologica Scandinavica
Acta Oncologica
Acta Orthopaedica
Acta Oto-laryngologica
Acta Paediatrica (Stockholm)
Acta Radiologica
Annals of Medicine
Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes, and Biotechnology
Biochemistry International
British Journal of Neurosurgery
Cancer Investigation
Clinical Toxicology
Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Science
Critical Reviews in Toxicology
Drug and Chemical Toxicology
Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism and Toxicology
Expert Opinion on Drug Safety
Inhalation Toxicology
International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
International Journal of Toxicology
Journal of Immunotoxicology
Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine
Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
Journal of Nutritional Medicine
Pathology : clinical, anatomical, experimental
Pharmaceutical Biology
Scandinavian Journal of Clinical Laboratory Investigation
Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology
Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods
Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences


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