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EU restricts mercury fillings for children


EU directive:
The EU directive, effective from July 1, places restrictions on the use of amalgam or ‘silver’ fillings in ‘baby’ teeth, and in children under 15, except when deemed strictly necessary on specific medical, including dental, needs. The directive is part of an EU push to reduce the release of mercury into the environment. It also restricts amalgam fillings for pregnant or breastfeeding women, again unless deemed necessary by the dental practitioner.

tooth with amalgam fillingFrom January 2019 the  use in dental amalgam will only be allowed as long as mercury is encapsulated.
The text also imposes to dentists the use of devices to avoid mercury from ending up polluting water.

The Commission will report by 30 June 2020 on the feasibility of a phase out of the use of mercury in dental amalgam for a later date, preferably by 2030. In the meantime, member states will prepare national plans to phase down the use of dental amalgam.

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