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New method for measuring Cr(VI) in Leather
  (Last Mod.:2007-11-21 / Rating: 8.853 )

Thermo Fisher Scientific Collaborates with US EPA to Improve Holding Time and MDLs for Chromate in Drinking Water
  (Last Mod.:2013-04-16 / Rating: 8.792 )

Chromate in food samples: an artefact of wrongly applied analytical methodology
  (Last Mod.:2021-07-07 / Rating: 8.759 )

ECHA suggests further chemicals for SVHC list
  (Last Mod.:2020-07-01 / Rating: 8.723 )

EU’s proposal to restrict Cr (VI) in leather in final stages
  (Last Mod.:2018-07-07 / Rating: 8.706 )

OSHA Issues Enforcement Procedures Directive for Hex Chrome Standards
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-25 / Rating: 7.200 )

For the First Time, a Five-Fold Bond
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-20 / Rating: 7.197 )

New Certified Reference Materials supporting the analysis of food supplements
  (Last Mod.:2019-12-07 / Rating: 7.187 )

Phasing out of chromated copper arsenate as a wood preservative
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-18 / Rating: 7.163 )

Arsenic in Pressure-Treated Lumber - Enhancing Childrens Cancer Risks
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-20 / Rating: 7.155 )

Eight New Chemicals for REACH Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern
  (Last Mod.:2020-07-01 / Rating: 7.132 )

Highly selective Cr(VI) determination at ultra-trace levels using on-line trapping of Cr(III) with ICP-MS detection
  (Last Mod.:2022-01-24 / Rating: 7.112 )

CCA-treated wood poses long-term threat
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-20 / Rating: 7.073 )

Thermo Sponsors Postdoctoral Position for Speciation Analysis
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-20 / Rating: 5.063 )

Thermo Electron and Pau University Establish New Center of Excellence for Elemental Speciation Analysis
  (Last Mod.:2006-12-14 / Rating: 5.059 )

Potential link between aluminum salts in deodorants and breast cancer warrants further research
  (Last Mod.:2021-10-13 / Rating: 5.056 )

Species-specific isotope dilution analysis has been adopted as an official method under US legislation
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-25 / Rating: 5.051 )

European Commission consults on chemicals legislation outside REACH
  (Last Mod.:2016-03-23 / Rating: 5.048 )

JRC-IRMM has released ERM-BC211 certified rice reference material for arsenic speciation analysis
  (Last Mod.:2013-08-24 / Rating: 5.048 )

REACH: Substances of very high concern
  (Last Mod.:2020-06-29 / Rating: 5.045 )

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