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Archive: What's new on EVISA's web site ?

EVISA's webportal is continuously updated with current information. Please recognize that even back-lying pages, such as "old" News in the archive are updated with respect to links and current information. Here we inform about recent changes made to our web site.

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31st March 2007
Changing EVISA's web site of the month to:
Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR)

28th March 2007
Addition to EVISA's Agenda of Events:
17th Annual Goldschmidt conference, 2007, Cologne, Germany
18th Annual Goldschmidt conference, 2008, Vancouver, Canada

27th March 2007
Addition to EVISA's News section:
Mn(II) species play a major role for repairing DNA damage by ionizing radiation

Addition to EVISA's Agenda of Events:
9th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (ICOBTE)

26th March 2007
EVISA welcomes a new member of its Directory of Scientists:
Teodor Ludmilov Stoichev, University of Porto

22nd March 2007
Announcement of two new Postdoc Fellowships:
National University of Singapore: Inorganic Mass Spectrometrist
Technical University of Denmark: Analytical mass spectrometry of selenium in engineered yeast

15th March 2007
Publication of the
March issue of EVISA's Speciation Newsletter.

12th March 2007
We continuously update our databases for actual information:
Link Database now has 1260 records
Company database now has 1300 records
Instrument database now has 2290 records
Material database now has 325 records
Component database now has 156 records
Directory of scientists now has 236 records
Glossary now has 540 entries

Do not hesitate to contact us in case that you experienced outdated links or failed to find information you looked for.

11th March 2007
Addition to EVISA's News section:
Methylmercury contamination of fish warrants worldwide public warning

9th March 2007
Announcement of a vacancy for a Postdoctoral Fellowship:
Trent University: Selenium speciation in sediments and its impact on mercury availability

8th March 2007
Announcement of open positions within the Marie Curie Research Training Network on
Geogenic Chemicals in Groundwaters and Soils (AquaTRAIN):
12 PhD positions
3 PostDoc positions

Announcement of the Thermo Scientific 2007 Seminar Tour:
Elemental Analysis Made Easy !

Announcement of a Tenure Track Faculty Position:
Memorial University, Environmental Geochemistry Department of Earth Sciences

7th March 2007
Addition to EVISA's News section:
Elevated Arsenic Levels Found In Rice Grown In South Central States of the USA

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