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Archive: What's new on EVISA's web site ?

EVISA's webportal is continuously updated with current information. Please recognize that even back-lying pages, such as "old" News in the archive are updated with respect to links and current information. Here we inform about recent changes made to our web site.

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31st August 2007
Addition to EVISA's Agenda of Events:
International Symposium on Metallomics 2007 (ISM 2007), Nagoya, Japan, 28 November - 1 December, 2007
3rd Forensic Isotopic Ratio Mass Spectrometry Conference, 26-29 November, 2007, Dundedin, New Zealand

30th August 2007
Announcement of an open position for a postdoctorial fellow at:
USGS: Coupling geochemical and geoanalytical techniques to study processes affecting exposure to potentially toxic species that negatively impact human health

27th August 2007
We now have extended our Cross-reference <> Glossary feature towards the EVISA database system. Linking will now include also all  the records of the databases on Companys, Materials, Instuments, Components, Links, Journals und Scientists.  This enhancement is in line with our general policy to facilitate access to information on the EVISA website for our users.

20th August 2007
Publication of the
August issue of EVISA's Speciation Newsletter

Addition to EVISA's news section:
Speciation and Toxicity: Humic Acids Increase Lead Bioavailability and Toxicity for Marine Invertebrates

19th August 2007
We have further enhanced the information value of the EVISA glossary by adding a cross-reference feature that tells the occurence of all explained term within the EVISA web site. Please have a look at the glossary to learn more about this feature.  Together with the "glossarization feature" that gives a link from terms occuring in all documents to the glossary, this feature is meant to enhance the versatility of the EVISA website with respect to help our users to find relevant information in a most effective way.  We hope you will enjoy the new Feature.

Addition to EVISA's News section:
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Speciation Analysis Capabilities For High Resolution ICP-MS

11th August 2007
Addition of a new summary page related to
GC-ICP-MS: A very sensitive hyphenated system for speciation analysis

6th August 2007
Announcement of a new event:
 CEA Speciation Seminar, Montpellier, France, 20-21. Nov. 2007

1st August 2007
EVISA welcomes a new member of its Directory of Scientists:
Planer-Friedrich, Britta / Trent University, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental

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