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Number of fish meals is a good predictor for the mercury found in hair of environmental journalists


The results of the study were somewhat unexpected:
  • More than 27% of 260 conference attendees who volunteered hair samples had concentrations that exceeded the U.S. EPA recommended levels.
  • The median mercury concentration was 0.5 parts per million (ppm).
  • The highest level discovered was 10.2 ppm.
EPA considers concentrations less than 1 ppm in the hair a low risk for adverse health effects. From analyzing self-reported diet surveys, the study’s authors say that the number of fish meals consumed in the prior month was the strongest predictor of mercury levels in the hair. John Spengler of the Harvard School of Public Health performed the study and found that his own mercury level was 3.4 ppm, more than three times the EPA limit.
A follow-up “high-end” fish consumer study found that people who substantially reduced their consumption of fish containing moderate to high Hg levels were able to decrease their Hg biomarker levels to below the RfD-level within 41 weeks of altering their diet (in that case, Hg in blood was the biomarker measured).

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