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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

One year EVISA speciation Newsletter - Two years of EVISA web site operation - Time to look back


EVISA News - Speciation Newsletter
News are meant to update the subscribers with recent findings of reseach, political discussions and actual trends in legislation. All news are given with links to background documents, cited publications and other web sites providing further information. Even backlying "News" have been regularly updated with respect to ongoing discussion or changing availability of web-based information - a formidable task in this ever changing world-wide-web of information. In average, every news page has about 12 links to further information, giving easy excess to related literature, documents or web sites providing further information.

EVISA is not trying to "create" a certain number of news, since it is our goal to inform you only with interesting News related to speciation and not to "impress" with a big number of "News" that waste your time. The average occurence of News during this first year of service was about one per week. We send out our Speciation Newsletter once a month, so that every Newsletter has about 4 News.

Web site development
We have continuously worked on the information provided by the EVISA web site (about 4 new pages each day) and also enhanced the features of the site. As can be seen from the figure below, we have doubled the number of pages during the last year of operation surpassing 2000 pages this month.

As new features during this last year we have installed a chapter on speciation related books, Certified reference materials for speciation analysis and a page informing you about "What's new" on the EVISA website. We also added a "Web site of the week" to inform you about interesting web sites.

Traffic on our server
In parallel to the development of the content of the EVISA server, the information provided by the server has been increased from about 100,000 pages to 180,000 pages/month. We are proud that the information provided by the EVISA server is so well accepted by our users and we hope to surpass 200,000 pages/month in the beginning of next year.

Coming features
In the backyard we have worked hard on our database system that will hopefully be inaugurated during the Winter Plasma Conference. The database system will provide information about Instruments, Materials (Standards, CRMs, Sorbents etc.) and their Producers and Manufacturers. Shortly afterwards the databases on Publications, Journals and Publishers will be opened. Together with the already existing databases on Experts (EVISA's directory of scientists), the agenda of Events and the link database this highly interconnected network of databases will provide easy access to all types of information arround speciation. This database system will be open to registered users of the EVISA website. Up to now registration is free !!

With all these developments we hope to convince you also in the future that EVISA is the primary information site for all those interested in speciation analysis.

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