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The establishment of EVISA is funded by the EU through the Fifth Framework Programme (G7RT- CT- 2002- 05112).

Supporters of EVISA includes:

EVISA welcomed its 15 Millionth User


We have actually welcomed more than 15 Million visitors on EVISA's web portal (July 2020), more than 1.6 Million during the year 2019. The users have downloaded more than  13.5 Mio. pages during the year 2019.

While google has downgraded our webportal during the years mostly because of "formatting" issues (use of tables, missing support of smart phones, missing support of handicapped visitors), it is our faithful user community that tells us that the information value provided by EVISA is highly accepted. During the years, EVISA has become the primary information site for all those interested in speciation and trace element analysis. This community is limited in size, is mostly aware of the EVISA web portal and therefore we do not expect any further substantial growth.

The European Virtual Institute for Speciation Analysis (EVISA) is working since more than 18 years for promoting speciation analysis. EVISA is acting as an
  • event organizer, offering workshops, training courses and symposia for topics related to trace element and speciation analysis,
  • broker between costumers having speciation related demands and partner laboratories offering solutions,
  • consultant, informing industry, legislators and other third parties about the capabilities of speciation analysis,
  • research promoter, initiating the development of easy and robust methods for speciation analysis, enhancing the quality of analytical results and the information provided by speciation analysis
  • information provider, giving easy access to valuable speciation related information, enhancing the knowledge about the biological activity, function and toxicity of chemical species.

The EVISA web portal at www.speciation.net is giving access to valuable speciation related information on about 17,000 pages.  While such information was not easily accessible when EVISA started in 2003, the situation has partly changed during the last 18 years. Meanwhile most instrument manufacturers and analytical service providers offer at least a "landing page" informing about their products and services related to speciation analysis. Such information is however spread over an ever growing number of places in the internet without any stability over time. Information, that was available yesterday, is disappearing again tomorow. 

It is however the EVISA web portal that provides unbiased information by offering an overview of available techniques and materials related to speciation analysis and informs about new research results, standards and regulations or upcoming events. We also work hard to keep information up-to-date over long time periods. You therefore can always come back to pages bookmarked even years ago.

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