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REACH Update: List of 300 chemicals of very high concern


The substances are compiled in the SIN (Substitute It Now) list, introduced in Brussels yesterday.

Per Rosander, Director of ChemSec, the NGO at the centre of the SIN-project, explains: The SIN List 1.0 is the first collaborative effort to identify substances that meet the official REACH criteria for authorisation. For chemicals that are carcinogenic, persistent, bioaccumulative, the time for precautionary action is now! Companies need to take a proactive approach to replace these known culprits with safer alternatives.

Previously, the European Chemicals Agency published a proposed list of 16 substances. If all goes according to plan, they expect the first candidate list to be approved – barring dissent – on Oct. 22, according to Geert Dancet, head of ECHA. According to article 33 of REACH, after that date, a manufacturer must disclose to customers if any of these 16 substances are contained in a product in an amount over 0.1% weight-by-weight, also providing safe use information.

Besides others the following metallic compounds are part of the SIN list:

Antimony compounds:
  • antimony trioxide
Arsenic compounds:
  • diarsenic pentaoxide; arsenic pentoxide; arsenic oxide
  • diarsenic trioxide; arsenic trioxide
  • triethyl arsenate
  • lead hydrogen arsenate
Beryllium compounds:
  • beryllium oxide
  • beryllium

Cadmium compounds:
  • cadmium chloride
  • cadmium sulphate
  • cadmium oxide (non-pyrophoric)
  • cadmium sulphide
  • cadmium (pyrophoric); cadmium (non-pyrophoric); cadmium oxide (non-pyrophoric)
  • cadmium fluoride
Chromium compounds:
  • sodium dichromate anhydrate
  • lead chromate molybdate sulfate red; C.I. Pigment Red 104
  • chromium (VI) trioxide
  • calcium chromate
  • chromyl dichloride; chromic oxychloride
  • dichromium tris(chromate); chromium III chromate; chromic chromate
  • lead chromate
  • sodium chromate
  • potassium dichromate
  • potassium chromate
  • strontium chromate
  • ammonium dichromate
  • sodium dichromate, dihydrate
Cobalt compounds:
  • cobalt sulphate
  • cobalt dichloride

Lead compounds:
  • tetraethyllead
  • tetramethyllead
  • lead chromate molybdate sulfate red; C.I. Pigment Red 104
  • lead acetate, basic; lead acetate
  • lead diazide; lead azide
  • lead sulfochromate yellow; C.I. Pigment Yellow 34
  • lead 2,4,6-trinitro-m-phenylene dioxide; lead 2,4,6-trinitroresorcinoxide; lead styphnate
  • lead(II) methanesulphonate
  • lead hexafluorosilicate
  • lead di(acetate)
  • trilead bis(orthophosphate)
  • lead chromate
  • lead hydrogen arsenate
Nickel compounds:
  • nickel dioxide
  • nickel subsulphide; trinickel disulphide
  • nickel monoxide
  • dinickel trioxide
  • tetracarbonylnickel; nickel tetracarbonyl
  • nickel sulphide
Tin Compounds:
  • dibutyl tin
  • tributyltin
  • tri-n-propyltin(TPrT)
  • triphenyltin (TPhT)
  • bis(tributyltin)oxide (TBTO)

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